Conversation Cocktails


//// Alcohol loosens the tongue, makes the drinker passionate, poetic, and inspired. Or ranting, repetitive, and nonsensical. The two aren’t always neatly separable.  ////

Words by Mary Croy, Jimmy Tran, Kaitlin Rees, and Shahar Lubin at Daluva Restaurant and Bar, photos by Jimmy Tran and Kaitlin Rees.

The following comes from what passed between Hanoi poets and their drinks at 33 To Ngoc Van street

Pumpkin Rice Wine Sangria

Inside a glass asks

what is progress, and

you answer a red velvet orange

body of sunburnt water

We wore our sangria like stems behind ears

your rose tapped a pattern across my lips

Let’s pretend it is this simple

in the warm origins of night

words stop at the tongue

and take us with them

like an image projected in empty space

you are an unrecognizable, thick taste

Maybe we’d love a little longer

if we drank our memories without words

Inspired by pumpkin rice wine (brown and white rice wines, pumpkin, spices), tea-smoked cardamon bitters, cocoa bitters, red wine, burnt orange twist.


Manhattan on the Red River

She was going to write down her address before leaving

Milwaukee was the last time she had a Manhattan

substitution is the wrong word

for when a city removes her shoes

to jump to scratch the sky

the big sky slides

beside muddy banks

baby red tomatoes

are called candy by the brandy

and we can be called both

absent and here

Inspired by rye whiskey, cocoa bitters, sweet vermouth, ‘maraschino tomatoes’.


Turkish Nau Da

So tired of being tired he made a magic box to hold his nap. When he awoke he was a cave man.

Inspired by coffee rice wine (white rice wine, vietnamese coffee, italian coffee), tea-smoked cardamon bitters, condensed milk.


 Cucumber and Ginger Gin and Tonic

Are you having a salad

I am a salad

and a breeze in spring

Why are you asking

Are you having a garden

I am a having a garden

And so you are healthy

I am just flexing my pecks.

Inspired by “the most refreshing drink since water”.



The Aviator


From the fertile ground of forgotten things

a buck and a bounce into the clouds



Inspired by gin, celery-cucumber bitters, lime juice, brandied candied lemon.


Daluva is a restaurant at 33 To Ngoc Van also serving good beer and not boring vegetarian food.

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